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Virtual Reality: re-live your wedding

VR Wedding Video: The Next Big Thing!

What if you could teleport to your wedding day and actually take a seat at your wedding ceremony and reception? With Virtual Reality video, you now can experience your favorite wedding moments like never before. Literally, turn all the way around and see the entire view.  Sit at your ceremony, watch as you walk down the aisle. Stand at your reception and relive your memories.

Virtual Reality: Insert Yourself Into Your Wedding

We place you directly in the center of the action, giving you a 360 degree 3D video of your big day. Relive your wedding from a whole new perspective. 360° video will truly transport you back in time to allow you to relive the moment from every angle.

VR Video captured in 11K resolution in 360 degrees. We can record VR during most any moments at your Wedding Ceremony and/or Reception.  You can also Livestream so anyone in the world can tune in to the VR experience! The best playback experience is using VR googles and also works great on Smart TVs & Phones.


*Set player to highest playback quality. Click the gear icon. Click quality. Set to 4320 (8K) or the highest your internet speed will allow.
**For a better experience, try watching on YouTube Mobile App 

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The Knot Best of Weddings 2020


We pride ourselves to be professional and discreet, so you hardly know we are there. We coordinate before your wedding to make sure your wedding is captured perfectly. On your wedding day, we capture the moments you want to remember and many that you didn’t even realize.

Simple, No-Stress Experience

Weddings and film productions can each be very stressful.  We want you to know, leave the stress to us!  We have the experience and knowledge to produce great wedding videos with little or no input from the client. We can still accommodate pretty much any request though.   You will see us working hard on your special day to make sure we get the memories you’ll want to remember.

Character & Style

Our aim is to be good at what we do while being enjoyable to be around. This applies to every wedding that we produce.  We maximize the quality, creative style, and fun, all in one magical, momentous, best day of your life.

High Quality & Unique Perspective

Our focus is on a cinematic, high-quality and stylized aesthetic. We accent your day with professional video production gear and perspective for capturing memories.  Each bride and groom has their own unique relationship and expressions on their wedding day. We capture that and much more!

Exceptional Video

We know your wedding day means a lot to you. If you are looking for an exceptional video to remember your moments and deliver emotion, we’d love to be part of your day.

Booking Process

  1. Email us with your package and custom selections

  2. Approve Quote & Sign Contract via E-Mail

  3. Pay a retainer (25% of agreement) via Credit Card or Check

  4. Hug your fiance and celebrate as you hired one of the best

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