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Livestream Your Wedding

Livestream Your Wedding!

We Livestream your wedding Ceremony and/or Reception so anyone in the world can tune in! Honestly, with our coverage, it can be the best way to experience your wedding! Sit back on your couch with your HD TV and let us do the work. We get the best angles and views with our cinematic zoom lenses and high-quality audio. Imagine your guests relaxing in the comfort of their living room, out of the rough Colorado elements, and feel like they are actually at your wedding! Our videos are super high-quality so you can see it better and we use professional sound so everyone can hear it!

Live Stream Packages vary in price depending on the length and number of cameras included. Our basic option includes 2 fixed cameras at the back of your event with a wide and zoom to capture the important moments in detail. You can upgrade to including a third moving camera for the processional, reactions, and over the shoulder. We also include on-site editing to create an introduction montage that can include drone footage and your details.

Live streaming lets you share the intimate and memorable moments of your wedding with friends and family who are unable to attend the event in person. Streaming key elements of your wedding is a wonderful way to include anyone who’s unavailable to be there.